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Make this world better: Re-Create

Please enjoy this beautiful photo from Fireside Farm's flower garden

I’m sitting here this morning in my work-from-home office, in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, thinking about which of the 4 R’s resonate most with me today.

What comes to mind are the two NCCJC retreats we held at Fireside Farm in Efland, NC, owned and operated by the Williams-Joyner family. Lisa and Randall made a deep commitment to farming organically. They use solar energy to operate a kiln to dry out recycled wood harvested from local residents which ultimately becomes beautiful furniture. And they raise goats and chickens and have participated in their local farmers' market, selling fresh eggs, goat cheese, and beautiful flowers grown on their nine acre farm.

Throughout the last weeks, one of the most pressing needs for all humanity is to have good, healthy food available to nourish ourselves, our family, our community, and the world. Our farmers have to re-create how to operate sustainably for the betterment of the earth given the constant threat of climate change.

Lisa and Randall resisted the post-WWII chemical ways of farming, and offer a model for re-creating agriculture. They make this world better for all of us. May they be the example of future farmers to come.

Who else is offering us an incredible model of Re-Creating agriculture, and with a side of movement building in the Global South? Check out Our Power Puerto Rico / Organización Boricuá.

–Gregg Lasseter

Gregg is a member of the Collective's Leadership Team.


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