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NC Climate Justice Summit

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At the NCCJS, we connect, heal, and grow everybody’s movement. With youth and adults from across our state, we dive deep into multi-racial and intergenerational dialogue about the threats facing us​​. We build relationships across differences of age, race, region and issue in order to find common cause. We dance, we sing, we listen, we learn...we lift each other up. Together, we explore grassroots solutions that make our communities more resilient, more equitable and more powerful as we work to avert climate chaos. We skill up, get creative and take strategic, collective action. 

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Register Here
for the 2023
North Carolina
Climate Justice Summit!
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  1. Apply a climate justice framework for linking social, environmental and economic issues

  2. Provide an interactive, inclusive space for learning that enhances connection and understanding between groups with unequal power (e.g., youth and adults)

  3. Engage the head, hands and heart of each participant through experiential and popular education

  4. Promote opportunities for civic engagement, organizing and mobilization

  5. Provide skills development in resilient community strategies

  6.  Develop and showcase cultural work

  7. Support the leadership development of youth and grassroots leaders

  8. Lay new groundwork for effective local organizing while seeding a trans-local network

Download past summit programs:
2014   2015   2016   2017   2019
Register Here
for the 2023
North Carolina
Climate Justice Summit!

“This weekend is about first, love. Maybe entirely about love. Building relationships, alliances, and coalitions. The spirit of community and cooperation. We came together to share our experiences, seek and receive a bit of solace for healing and eradicating our shared pain and scars inflicted in the struggle. We made new friends and partners. We shared victories and common goals. We honored those who’ve came before us, both here and those who’ve passed on, and we honor the future contributions of those being raised in the struggle and those who have yet to join us in this earthly plain. We come to regroup. We depart to fight. And we shall be victorious! One love! Eternal!” 

- Omari Wilson

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