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The Fight for Climate Justice:
Indigenous Leaders on the Frontlines

Through this series we want to take time to celebrate the rich and diverse culture, traditions, and histories of Indigenous people while uplifting the leadership of Native people in the fight for justice. Climate justice and Indigenous justice are one. Through this series we talk with Indigenous leaders uplifting their thoughts and experiences in the fight for climate, gender and racial justice. We cannot fight the climate crisis without the knowledge and resiliency of Indigenous peoples.

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Conversation w Charly (1).png

Charly Lowry

Lumbee & Tuscarora Tribe, Environmental Activist

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Conversation w Charly (2).png

Chasity Hunt

Lumbee Tribe & Environmental Activist

Energy Democracy Leadership Institute Fellow

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Conversation w Chasity 5.png
Conversation w Chasity 2 (1).png

Moñeka De Oro

Chamoru Mother, climate/peace activist, Fellow with

Climate Justice Alliance

Terryn Queen

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