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In 2013, we began envisioning and organizing our first statewide North Carolina Climate Justice Summit.  Since then, we have held five Summits and built ongoing programs that cultivate a unique space for holistic experiential education and action.


Our Collective practices the four Rs of social transformation: reform, resist, re-imagine and re-create. We bring people together across diverse social identities, issues and strategies: impacted environmental justice communities and elected leaders, BIPOC people and white allies, youth and adults, direct action activists and academics, cultural organizers and practical solutions experts, rural and urban communities.


We recognize that some people—particularly BIPOC people and people experiencing poverty —are hit first and worst by the industries causing climate change and the intensifying floods, droughts, hurricanes and sea level rise that result from it.  This is why we are guided by and prioritize resources for the people who live in these most-impacted communities.  Everyone who participates in our Summits and trainings, our regional Resiliency Organizing Hubs, our Energy Democracy Leadership Institute and our creative cultural work is a vital part of our Collective.

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