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Support our work

All of those working with NCCJC as planners, advisors, and workshop leaders are volunteers. By donating to NCCJC, you can help us scale up to the level of training and action that this moment of climate emergency demands.


Partner with us

Are you a grassroots group working on how climate change impacts food, water, energy, housing, transportation, jobs and health in North Carolina? If so, please reach out to us to join our ecosystem of movement actors.


Attend/schedule a workshop

We offer free workshops to impacted community-based groups. We also create workshops for municipalities, non-profits, businesses, native nations, and groups of concerned people across the state.


Volunteer opportunities

Do you have a specific skill that you would like to offer to the NCCJC, including media and communication skills, website design, fundraising, culture work, organizational consulting? Are you a self-starter, a creative, a thought partner? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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