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2020 updates + our new website!

Dear friends,

As we move into 2020, we revisit this scene from last year’s Good Fire Roadshow to remind us that a thriving, inclusive, life-sustaining world is possible. Together, we can extinguish the ‘bad fire’ – all the harm to people and our planet caused by burning fossil fuels. We at the NC Climate Justice Collective invite you to keep this image in your heart and imagination, because that’s how we’ll make it real. If we’re bold enough to envision it – and take collective action to create it – we know we can bring this better world into being.

We’re expanding our offerings this year, and a stronger web presence is an important part of that. So we’re thrilled to let you know that we have a new website that just went live today! You’ll find more information about our approach and new program branches as well as photos from our state-wide Summits, our cultural work across the region, workshops and trainings, a new blog and an “in the news” section. Please share widely!

We also want to let you know that we are not convening the NC Climate Justice Summit this year as we move into a bi-annual schedule. In 2020, we’re going deeper into regional work through our Resilience Hubs and providing intensive training for impacted communities.

Everyone has a vital contribution to make in shifting our culture toward the Good Fire. We’re so grateful for all the ways you’ve been engaged with the NC Climate Justice Collective… and hope you’ll get even more involved now. Check out some opportunities here. Follow us on Facebook here.

Please reach out to say hello and share your experiences with us anytime!

With deep respect, appreciation and solidarity,

NC Climate Justice Collective Leadership Team

Elijah Brunson

Donna Chavis

Alecia Gaines

Liz Kazal

Gregg Lasseter

Jodi Lasseter

Connie Leeper

Mark Ortiz

Briana Steele

Bevelyn Ukah

Ayo Wilson

Omari Wilson


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