Our Approach:

4 Rs of Social Transformation

This conceptual framework was created by Jodi Lasseter, NCCJC Founder & Co-Convener. Please do not reproduce without attribution. 

While individuals and organizations concerned about climate change often focus most on one of these Rs, a deep and practical commitment to each R, and linking between them, is critical to the success of our climate justice movement.

Reform — Working within the current system 

The current structures in society have real impact on our daily lives and our ability to self-determine. While we work on building new structures, we must simultaneously change the structures of society that are in place now. We understand the urgent needs of people who lack healthy food, quality housing, well-paid work, safety & opportunity. This strategy tackles immediate needs and requires current social & political institutions to put resources toward addressing social problems. Examples include: policy development, electoral work and human services 


Resist — Working against the current system

Throughout history, we have seen that “power concedes nothing without demand.” Resistance struggles have given rise to our greatest wins. To address the root causes of injustice, we are often called upon to stand against the destruction of what we hold dear. This strategy analyzes & challenges our current political & social institutions by directly confronting how they perpetuate inequity. Examples include: non-violent civil disobedience, direct action, and community organizing. 


Re-imagine — Envisioning a just new system 

We are in a critical period of social evolution that requires new ways of being. In order to generate a just world, we must be able to imagine and communicate what a society looks like that is based on partnership, inclusion & interdependence. This strategy engages how we think about ourselves in relation to each other & the whole, & taps our individual & collective ability to engender new cultural norms. Examples include: the arts, creative processes, media, academia, cultural & spiritual traditions. 


Re-create — Creating models for a just new system 

The future we envision calls for the creation of new ways of doing things to take the place of the broken structures that have not been serving us. This strategy enables us to experiment with new ways of constituting our society by building just institutions, forms of governance & leadership models. Examples include: democratic schools, restorative justice processes, and local economies based on cooperatives. 

Examples of past workshops, learning, conversations, and art builds that demonstrate the four R’s of transformation:


  • Launching Your Community Resilience Hub

  • Indigenous Approaches to the Climate Crisis: Interactive Dialogue

  • Direct Action Training 

  • From Eco- Phobia to Biophilia: People of Color & the Natural World 

  • Working Well Across Generations: Adult Allyship Workshop

  • Zumba for Liberation

  • Building Community Wealth and Power Through Cooperatives

  • Transformation as Resilience Practices 

  • Ageism and Youth Empowerment in Intergenerational Organizing

  • Herbalism for Healing and Wellness 

  • Racial Equity Caucuses

  • Spoken Word and Puppetry Art Build

  • Images of Resistance: Documentary Film & Visual Art as Tools

  • Participatory Action Research for Energy Justice Campaigns

  • Voices from the Frontlines Story Circles

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